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Universal Services Corporation (USC) was founded in 1993 and is presently managing properties in multiple states. USC has a successful track record of helping their clients reach maximum value. By utilizing strategies designed to resolve difficult common and uncommon issues related to operations, tax liabilities or litigation matters, the restoration of financial health is achieved. USC continuously seeks to improve operations by removing system waste with a focus upon sustainability. Additionally, USC can lower client operating expense with its consortium buyer program. So, whether you are a developer, association member, or manager, we can help.

Although wise to avoid litigation whenever possible, in today’s world, conflict resolution is not always achievable and legal battles must be managed. USC’s Management enjoys a 100% success rate in each litigation issue for which it was responsible. A strong and effective focus of real estate asset management comes from many years of managing operations and litigation issues for owner's associations, often due to prior developer abuses. USC's comprehensive oversight of the commercial, real estate and corporate application of our governing statutes at all levels has provided the background for the management of sensitive and complex legal issues in support of counsel charged with the protection of USC's clients. Whether a large association of members/owners, or an individual in need of management services for property or assets, USC's unique focus supported by significant experience can help you enjoy greater success.

Services provided by USC and/or its subsidiaries

  1. Facilitation of the development, operation and maintenance of consumer associations and/or resort properties, regardless of size or scope.
  2. Lease management of privately owned condos and single-family residential properties.
  3. General property management of multi-family complexes.
  4. Under development is the addition of a system for specific or general services as required for the aged, including bonded and insured financial services as fiduciary, estate disposition services, moving and relocation services, and general concierge services.