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The strength of USC’s management team stems from combined expertise in both the management and technical arenas, requiring logistical efficiency in order to remain stable and grow. The leadership and alignment characteristics of USC’s management team have resulted in the establishment of broad and flexible goals designed to meet the ever-changing demands of the quickly moving marketplaces demanding our services. This is evident when the team responds to situations requiring ‘new’ innovative capabilities. It is normal for weakness in efficiency to exist when the workforce is ‘bound’ by traditional or routine barriers. When this happens, a new ‘perspective’ is often all that’s necessary to correct operational bottlenecks. Being able to think ‘outside the box’ usually allows for the exponentiation of effectiveness. As a result, USC has developed expertise in the most complex arenas of service to its clients, from not-for-profits needing rescue from precarious financial circumstances, to Senior services as an experienced bonded and insured Fiduciary.

T. David (Dave) Burgess, President and CEO
Is the founder and has served as President and CEO since the inception of Universal Services Corporation (USC) in 1993.

BIOGRAPHY: Dave was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Toccoa, Georgia. While serving as a trainer of personnel for operations at the USMC Tactical Air Control Command Center at Cherry Pointe, NC, Dave sought opportunities for productive activity to fill his downtime by quietly and simultaneously working off-base a few miles away as Manager of an exclusive Restaurant on the Crystal Coast of Morehead City, NC. As an honorably discharged Veteran of the USMC in June of 1968, Dave continued his employment in Morehead City until completing the peak-season before going back to Georgia in the Fall. Married in 1969 to Vel, his soul mate from Tennessee, Dave remained unceasingly busy with multiple concurrent career positions in addition to his primary career. However, after a few years, Dave somehow found time for the blessings of three wonderfully bright children who provided he and his bride with eleven grandchildren. Dave has a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from Tusculum College, Tennessee’s oldest university. As an acute ‘Type-A’ personality, Dave’s responsibilities in multiple simultaneous positions depended upon a life’s journey of incessant study, as he was convinced one could not manage what one did not understand. Over the years, Dave accumulated substantial studies in several disciplines at various institutions, plus duty-specific training with private and public entities to prepare for positions of management responsibility, such as Chef’s training with Davis Brothers Cafeterias Culinary Training program, then based in Atlanta, and the Hotel/Motel Management training program with Sheraton Inns, and more. Having also earned certification as a Polygraph Examiner in the early '80s, Dave has extensive formal studies in various components of Law, Police Sciences, Forensic Sciences, Criminal Justice, Behavioral Psychology, Medico-Legal Death Investigations (ABMDI-Fellow), and an abundance of certifications in multiple disciplines. Dave was distinguished upon graduating from the TN Law Enforcement Academy in 1982 as the ‘Outstanding Officer’ as well as Class President. As the Chief Deputy Sheriff of Cumberland County TN, Dave was the first graduating officer ever to hold both positions simultaneously in Tennessee.

Business Affiliations: While Manager of Davis Brothers Cafeterias in Dalton GA, Dave was offered an opportunity to purchase a partnership in a sporting goods enterprise in the home town of his spouse in Crossville, Tennessee, and moved in 1971. Dave later purchased the hunting and shooting component of this business and created Outdoor World, Inc., in 1975. Unprepared for the recession of 1980, and again in 1981, Dave learned from his experience and liquidated this business in 1982, and accepted an invitation to serve as the county’s Chief Deputy Sheriff by the newly-elected Sheriff of the county. While in this position, Dave also created Security Services Inc., to fill a need for private security guards, and provided services to industry, construction, manufacturing, and resorts in the region. During this period, Dave was introduced to resort and condo-association management while contracting security services to two resort developments. In 1985, the developer for one of Dave’s Security-client resorts invited him to join the enterprise in operations management. Accepting the position, Dave sold Security Services Inc., and in 1993, Dave founded Universal Services Corporation (USC) to assume all duties and responsibilities for the owner's association as its fiduciary and managing agent for operations and development. Soon after founding USC, Dave also created a USC subsidiary, licensed as ‘Pointe Realty Company’ (PRC). Hiring a Principal Broker to manage the agency, Dave was licensed as an Affiliate Broker until about 36 months later when Dave became the company’s Principal Broker, having surpassed all educational requirements for licensing in multiple areas. PRC is a subsidiary of USC, with a focus upon the real estate management of client properties, member/owner associations, as well as general real estate transactions for his clients. Regarding resort management operations, Dave and his team developed and perfected multiple customized systems for logistical support for operations, reservations, and member exchange opportunities, as instituted in multiple Tennessee and mid-western sites, as either active management or as consultant, and continues in use at various resort properties today.

Public Positions Held: In addition to his business enterprises, Dave has been in public/community service continuously since 1971, when relocating to Crossville, Tennessee. Counting his military tour of duty, he has led a life of service to others for five decades. As a Sheriff’s Department patrol officer in the '70s, Dave’s interests in the protection and security of his community garnered his appointment as Cumberland County’s Coroner/Medico-Legal Death Investigator for the Medical Examiner’s Office in 1979, a position held for 24 years before retiring from this responsibility in 2003. Serving in this capacity, Dave earned professional designation with the American Board of Medico-Legal Death Investigators-Diplomat, the 333rd in the nation and the 3rd in Tennessee to achieve the designation. Concurrent with Chief Deputy Responsibilities for operations of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department in the '80s, Dave concurrently owned private business enterprises as his primary source of income. During those full and active years, Dave concurrently served a few terms as Judicial Commissioner (sort of an after-hours Judge). As a member of the Crossville Regional Planning Commission, Dave was elected by its members as its Chairman in 1993, and served 24 years before retiring in 2017. Dave’s desire to contribute to the safety and sustained growth for his family and its community was the motivating factor for such involvement throughout his adult life.