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OUR PURPOSE is to provide the precise value sought by our customers in the condominium, interval owner association, and real estate management industry.

USC's commitment is clear by our actions. In our actions we always strive to:

  • Solve our customer’s problem by insuring that all our goods and services work, and work together.
  • Never waste our customer’s time.
  • Provide what our customers want, when they want it.
  • Aggregate solutions to reduce our customer’s time and hassle.

USC’s vision is for providing exceptional value-added consultation management services in the residential condominium association, homeowner association, and interval owner’s association industry. USC’s daily commitment is to scrutinize value stream management, and its’ underlying principles of value in response to our customer’s needs, resulting in a daily pursuit of perfection by removing waste.

USC’s values represent the belief system that sets the parameters of how we are to act. We believe people should say what they mean and do what they say. Unless this is true, the endeavors in which we engage are meaningless.

USC drives its services by the needs and wants of our clients, our client’s customers, and all who may come in contact with who we are and what we do! Providing the value sought by our customers results from USC’s staff listening and acting to ensure we meet expectations. The customer’s perspective of the relationship is key to our success.

Success comes from motivated, competent people who share a vision and work together to reach it. We reward people who share our values and deliver exceptional results while fostering and environment conducive to learning, pride, and satisfaction with a positive existence.

As a team – each member is one player. We must see opportunity in each other’s perspectives and work in unity to achieve our purpose. Strong internal business relationships should develop through open, honest, and constructive communication, with equal consideration to all points of view. This will allow us to become our vision.

USC commits to creating a culture that fosters success. We believe in an atmosphere that encourages truthfulness, mutual respect, unity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and the freedom to create. Rewards, recognition, and celebration are tools used to strengthen, direct, and transform our culture into one that delivers consistent results to both our internal and external stakeholders.

USC’s commitment and dedication is validated by performing as our customer expects every time. All team members have the responsibility to meet every commitment made to customers, vendors, and fellow associates, providing the most accurate information possible.

Achieving daily diligence for earning and maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers is the goal. Ethical behavior is the standard of conduct exemplified by honesty and integrity observed in all business relationships.

Using applied technology is vital to establishing a true value exchange. Creating a competitive edge in today’s business environment requires mastering appropriate new technologies, while remaining connected to the historical basis of existence for stability.